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Dr. Jeffrey Chetlin

Dr Jeffrey D. Chetlin


Dr Chetlin is entering his 20th year in private practice. He began his education to become an orthodontist at W&J College in Washington, PA in 1986. He was then accepted to dental school at Georgetown in Washington, DC. The University of Pittsburgh was where he studied orthodontics and graduated in 1993.

Upon graduation, Dr. Chetlin took over the practice of Drs. Kanterman and Rosenthal with offices in Aliquippa, Squirrel Hill and Monroeville. He worked under their tutelage where he gained valuable experience from their 30 years of experience.

He has been providing a unique and skilled service to thousands of Pittsburghers for the last 20 years. He loves when he sees a patient who is the child of someone he provided braces to years ago. Or when he finishes 2 or 3 children from a family and now mom or dad want the great smile he created for their children.

Dr. Chetlin is proud to be married to Julie (who is a general dentist in Oakland) and has three children Mac, Ben and Ollie.